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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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I can only tell you that I laughed for an hour at it. This was one of my Lady Pomfret's correspondents.
There seems to be a little stop in our embarkations; since the first, they have discovered that the horse must not go till all the hay is provided. Three thousand men will make a fine figure towards supporting the balance of power ! Our whole number was to be but sixteen; and if all these cannot be assembled before the end of July, what will be said of it ?—A propos to troops, here is a Colonel Meguire5 arrived, who was in the late Emperor's service, an Irish Roman Catholic. That he might come into our army, he resolved to change his profession: he went to my Lord of London, and told him in very intelligible Irish, that he was come to abdicate his religion. The Bishop commended his intention, but desired leave to examine him a little ; asked what his objections were to his own faith— Oh! he said,' there were several things he could not swallow —several of the doctrines that were too monstrous to be believed.'—'Pray which be they?'—'Why, there's tran-substantiation—and the Trinity.'—My Lord Bishop cried, ' Enough, enough!' and immediately baptised him a good Protestant in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
The Secret Committee go on very pitifully : they are now inquiring about some custom-house officers that were turned out at Weymouth for voting wrong at elections. Don't you think these articles will prove to the world what they have been saying of Sir Eobert for these twenty years? The House still sits in observance to them ; which is pleasant to me, for it keeps people in town. We have operas too; but they are almost over, and if it were not for a daily east wind, they would give way to Vauxhall and Chelsea. The new directors have agreed with the Fumagalli for next
5 He afterwards married the Dowager Lady Cathcart.    Walpole.